Who are the Bully Busters?

Casey and the Bully Busters  is a 25 minute musically based classroom puppet show. The “Bully Busters” are a trio of visitors who join Casey in your classroom. While Casey plays the guitar, they sing, laugh, tell stories, and deliver their “Bully Buster” message to the delight of children, as well as adults. The Bully Busters program is appropriate for pre-school through 4th grade classrooms.


Our Message to Students

“Our program delivers the message to children that they can always talk to someone if they are being bullied. The “Bully Busters” in our program empower children to be defenders at the bus stop, in the classroom, or on the playground when they see a fellow student being bullied."

- Casey Claxon

Bring the Bully Busters to your classroom

For more information on bringing Casey and the Bully Busters to your school, email Casey Claxon using the Contact link or call Casey at 740-623-2145.